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About the artist

I’ve had a love for wood ever since I was a kid growing up in New Jersey. I remember building my first of many treehouses. My dad couldn't afford to buy me wood so he would stop at construction sites on his way home from work and ask the builders for scraps of wood that he could bring home to his son. I loved that building process for several years.


When I got older and was working in my dad’s auto body shop, my passion turned to cars. I’ve owned many over the years and customized every one of them. My love of cars turned into a love of vans when I decided to outfit one to live in while driving cross country on a move to California with my new wife.


Finding work there became my new focus and I spent many years neglecting my woodworking hobbies. In the late ‘70’s I opened a custom van shop with my wife. We soon found out we were expecting a baby and it was then that I decided to try my hand at building the furniture for her bedroom. The results were great. Everyone raved about my talents with wood.


Over the ensuing years I built a lot of furniture for our family, friends, and friends of friends. Unfortunately, the gas crisis hit in the early ‘80’s we were forced to close our business and find other work. Once again, I had to put hobbies on the back burner and find a way to support my family. My talents with my hands landed me a job at CBS TV in 1986 and I’ve been there for the last 35 years. I’m now the head of the Special Effects department and am planning on retiring in 2022.


Recently a friend showed me some stuff he was doing with wood and told me about all the things he had learned on You Tube about woodworking. After watching a gazillion videos, my passion for woodworking was reignited. I made a cutting board for a friend as a wedding gift and it was so well received I had people asking me to make more.


Now, here we are today and we have a web site and many unique boards to offer. If you see something you like for yourself or as a gift for that “hard to buy for person”, or that “someone special” in your life, go to our "contact us" page and we will be happy to help you fill that need.

With love,


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